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There are so many incredible Instagramers from the local Asheville area whose feeds I love, and I'm going to start sharing them with you here.

They inspire me to do or to think about new things. They ease a harried mind with beautiful art and photography. And they update on all the great places to eat, drink, shop, dance, and generally have fun in this town.


XO ~ Michele (@vendarie)


Vendarie Blog: Local Instagram Favorites photos by Jan Swanson (janswansonart.com)

Jan Swanson has always been one of my very favorite local artists. Her work features amazing color choices. Her paintings have a wonderful humor and casualness that seriously and beautifully stand out, especially in eclectic modern spaces. I see her work, I love her work, it's really that simple. 

Vendarie Blog: Jan Swanson Art


Vendarie Blog: Local Instagram Favorites photo by Anastasia

Anastasia has a big talent for painting furniture, canvases, and on at least one occasion, her garage floor. She shares her wonderful energy, painting process, and sweet mommy wisdom (she's mom to 2 adorable, rambunctious young boys) on her feed.  She's a gem of a person and I love following her posts and stories.


Vendarie Local Instagram Favorites: Authentic Asheville photos by Erin & Caroline (authenticasheville.com)

Caroline and Erin, the dynamic duo of professional content creation and photography services at Authentic Asheville, make you want to follow them. I mean literally - in a van, on a bike, or in hiking shoes - go where they go, see what they see, drink what they're having. Lucky for this shopgirl, they share their travels and fun times via their gorgeous photos and go-everywhere feed.

Vendarie Local Instagram Favorites: Authentic Asheville


Vendarie Local Instagram Favorites: Panashe photo by Panashe

Laura just opened the doors to her new real estate brokerage in town, Panashe, and so far, her feed is wonderful. The branding is spot on, and the homes she's finding for her clients are gorgeous. She's got a sophistication that comes through in her style and that serves her clients. She is such an inspiration!


Thank you Anastasia, Erin & Caroline, Jan and Laura for letting me share!  All photos are copyrighted as attributed.

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