Dreamy Scandinavian Bedroom

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Scandi Bedroom Design

 For all the best reasons, the styling of this gorgeous bedroom makes me want to (1) take a nap, (2) refresh my bed linens, (3) never close the blinds, and (4) consider a new bedroom chandi. The soothing neutrals, the soft, pale linens, and the minimalist design make this the perfect space to fall into the most restorative kind of sleep. Or to cruise Instagram or watch a movie leaning into that pile of beautiful, fluffy pillows like Cleopatra. This is the bedroom of Niki Brantmark, blogger extraordinaire, who posts daily about beautiful Scandi-inspired interior design. If you like her bedroom, you'll completely love her new book, Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much.  Thanks for letting me share, Niki!

Vendarie Blog: Scandinavian Bedroom

Vendarie Blog: Scandinavian Bedroom

Vendarie Blog: Scandinavian BedroomPhotos by Niki Brantmark; styling by Genevieve Jorn.


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