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Voila, Vendarie!

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Most new projects spring from a passion, as did Vendarie. My greatest joy in business has always been the relationships I have with my customers; lots of you have become great friends! And, needless to say, sourcing fabulous vintage goods sends me over the moon. MIX Vintage, my previous e-comm business, was all about exquisite and rare mid-century furniture, accents, lighting and art, that I brought you from far and wide. But over the past year or so, the tap-on-the-shoulder of an emerging vision was becoming too persistent to ignore.

In my mind’s eye I was seeing a local storefront, really comfortable, a visual mix of old world and vintage modern, neighborly, local and fresh, full of everyday essentials, coffee and sweets, vintage home and garden, cut flowers, wearables, beautiful bags, with tables out front in Spring … can you see it?

Then the time was right. The time to re-invent, re-consider, re-approach how and where I provide you with fabulously designed and prepared goods, goods that I felt I could deliver with as much love as I have for a pair of mid-century Finn Juhl chairs in their original leather. (I’d walk miles over hot coals for a pair of those - that much.) An experience as much as an inviting shop stocked with beautiful essentials.

Et voila, Vendarie! This local Asheville bricks-and-mortar shop will continue morphing into our (mine and yours) vision with really special vintage interiors, some incredible organic and local coffee, baked goods and chocolate, and a hand-picked selection of basics like succulents and Peruvian cowboy hats. Just a pretty, delectable and eclectic variety of beautiful essentials offered with a commitment to being as welcoming and earth-friendly as possible! But I’d rather have it on your say-so! Please stop by Vendarie today, have a cup of coffee, relax in a mellow atmosphere, enjoy a slice of Asheville, and shop. In any order, and all in the same place.

Hope to see you soon and thanks for shopping Vendarie!

To be continued …


XO ~ Michele

All photos taken and copyrighted by Michele, please link back to if you share, thanks!

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